The Mayans and the Stranger in the Bus

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Let’s just say that I am a lover of spirituality. I take classes and meditation a lot. I listen to as much as many audio books, documentaries and interviews that I have access to. Maybe I would have survived without air, but not a day without connecting to spirituality in any form or medium. Alright, let’s say I’m obsessed.

     One day, I stumbled upon a series of video-lecture that teaches about the Mayans. They are famous for the 2012 prophecy and my teachers are seriously preparing for this. I listened to it diligently, racking my brains out to understand how the calendar system works.

     Of course, I didn’t absorb it. I am an architect who needs five minutes to solve a simple math problem like 100-13=? Not kidding.

     Anyway, there was a particular number in the Mayan cycle that caught my attention. It’s the number nine. If I look at the clock its 9:09 or 11:09. I will find myself in the 9th floor, or the 9th street. I will look at the newspaper and it’s a 19th anniversary sale. I would cross the street and the plate number ends in number 9, usually all three cars in a row.

     Imagine seeing the same number a dozen times everyday for about a year. Is that freaky, or irritating? Well, both!

     After some search, I learned this is what they call ‘synchronicity’. It is the universe’s way of talking to me. For example, when I get an invitation which address has 9 in it. The universe wants me to go there. And so I would. This sign is what brought me to Egypt to meditate inside the Great pyramid. This number is what gave me clues to start the Angels and nature project and many other events that I could not recall anymore because they became ordinary to me.

     In each event, something very significant happen and moves me into higher and higher realizations about life and the universe. This is what I am obsessed about after all. So I just follow the course. The number is my map for now in my search for the higher truth.

     The Mayans had been on my mind for two days before another major synchronicity happen. It’s not only the number that struck me but what was said about how the Mayans live their life.

     The Mayans have a clear relationship with the universe. The spiritual energy of the sun, earth, wind, sea, plants, animals is a language that their soul deeply understands without being amazed because it is an ordinary happening in their everyday life. Everything is interconnected and thus, they live in harmony. Without fear, without confusion.

     In our own version of normal, what we see is what we get. We believe that this physical body is the limit of all existence, nothing else beyond that, except a God almighty with arms, legs, sitting on his throne  whom we imagine as separate from us.
In the Mayans version of normal, they would dream at night with a premonition of the future or a means to communicate with their ancestors. They see beyond what the eyes can see. They know what’s going on behind the veil of illusion. It gives them no room for confusion or fear of the unknown, unlike many of us who live in it most of the time.
I wished that I have the chance to experience to live the way Mayans do.

     Well, funny because the saying ‘ be careful what you wish for it may happen’ always prove to be true. One late at night, I was heading home via a bus after a training. A lady dressed in office attire, sat beside me.

     During most of the trip, I’m just sailing across the galaxy of my mind as usual. By the time we are near, I noticed that she had been calling a lot of people from her phone asking to lend her some money for the rent. Call after each call, she would only end up looking more problematic for nobody is able to help her. I felt so sorry for her.

     I asked the universe ‘why do we have to live in the system like this? Why do people suffer because of money? Why do mundane things manipulate people?

     We are a magnificent soul creation of God. Didn’t we come down here on earth to enjoy his creation? Then why does this lady beside me look like she going to die of stress?’ This is very unnatural! I tried to calm myself and asked the Angels to send someone who could help her.
Again,be careful what you wish for it may come true.
I asked her what exactly was the problem. She told me that she needed around 400 dollars/15,000 pesos before midnight or else, her landlord would call the police. She begged me for help and she offered something very valuable for me to keep until she pays me back.

     I looked at the clock, its almost eleven, and got a bit worried.There is no way, I’m going to help that woman. I could have had more financial obligation than she may have.

     Suddenly I remembered the deposit that I gave to my landlady just the other day. That’s an extra money that I can borrow for her. Its about the same amount she needed.

A debate between my ego, and a force within my inner core started as though there are two persons inside me screaming at each other.

Ego : No, you don’t just give away a huge cash to a stranger. You don’t do that in this world!

Inner core : But were’nt you so amazed by the mayans just the other day wishing the world is just like the way they live?

Ego: Are you out of your mind? She could have walked away without a trace after you’ve given the money!

Inner core: If she walked away, then so what? Didn’t you pay all those classes for many years in search for truth, and yet here you are in the real battlefield, a real on the job training, letting fear take over you. We’rent you discussing with your spiritual friends the other day that the universe is so abundant and it will miraculously provide you the things just in time you needed it? So if you fear that she would walk away, then it defies all the things that you believe in? Are you just talk? or would you walk?

Ego: Wait! How should I know that it’s the right thing to do? Maybe she needs to learn a lesson.

Inner core : It is you who needs to learn a lesson. This is your exam now. Do it! Do it without fear. Transcend over that barrier. If you live in fear, then you are not living in Love. And weren’t you talking about Love a lot these days?

     Didn’t I send you a boyfriend who is wonderful. Who is your messenger. Who gave his last money to a poor person he just met on the street. And didn’t he meet another man after that, in the street also, who gave him enough money to be able to go home? This is an opportunity that the universe had given you to exercise your spirituality. What are you afraid of? What are you waiting for? Trust!

     By the time we reached our destination I finally agreed to help her. She promised to pay me back after 5 days. We headed for my landlady’s apartment. Is it just a coincidence that they live just a few blocks from each other?

     I gave her the money, my knees shaking, thinking of my family’s mortgage that I’m paying for many years until now. Ego still screaming at the background  ‘Are you crazy??

     To reassure that she will not run away from me, she gave me her sister’s number and showed me the building where she lives. I was extremely tired to get up to her apartment.

     She pointed to her building. It looks just like any other building with an alley, and an entrance, except that the building number is 9! My special number sign!

     I took a sigh of relief. So the universe is telling me that I made a better choice. I passed the test!

     I told my spiritual mentors about it and they were glad that I passed the test.

     I told my friends, and of course, they think I am a fool.

     Not many people know how the mayans live, and how the universe work. I studied few things about the universe and I still had to struggle so much between my ego and  my inner guidance before I made a better choice. How much more difficult it is to the rest of the world who believes that we are separate from each other? Who believes that the sun, the moon, the air, the sea is just another object  disconnected to the energy of our body and soul.

     She didn’t pay me back after five days. She paid me 75% of the amount after two weeks. My worried ego would call her everyday to make sure she give me something back. My inner core would tell me not to worry.She lost her job. Her electricity was cut. Her rent keeps piling up. I should extend my compassion a little bit more.

     The universe will not run away. Whatever is taken will return in whatever form, no matter what. Law of Karma? Have I forgotten that? Its been discussed a million times in the classes I took?

     One week after that, I was informed that my boss is planning to give me a raise!

     At first, I was so happy. And then felt so ashamed of myself. And I had the nerve to push the poor lady to pay me back?

     I thanked the universe and promised to perform somehow better in another exam.

     I’m not saying here that everyone should start looking for a number sign or help all the stranger they meet. Everyone has a different language with the universe in many various situation. Whatever the case, always listen to that innercore, or the higher self. Listen with a pure heart like the mayans, and things will fall into place. If we all start doing that, we can achieve harmony and peace all over the world as well as inside and outside of ourselves.

     Isn’t this what we are all wishing for?
Be careful. 🙂

     p.s. I was physically exhausted but don’t have cash for a massage at that time. I wished that there’s a family member who can take care of me. Two weeks later, I received a 700 dollars/30,000 pesos worth of health and beauty care service, including massage for just 40 dollars/1,800pesos!
The universe is always abudnant. It comes to us in many forms at the time we needed it.
Thank you for a bit of a mayan experience.




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