I Ordered my Future Yesterday Book Reviews


. Here are the reviews of I Ordered My Future Yesterday by Julie Cox. If you are not familiar with the book. Read the following articles: The Julie Cox Story I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Exerpts Watch Julie Cox …

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Film Showing with Julie Cox


. Both flying all the way from opposite sides of the world, me and what I consider one of my soul sisters,and one of my partners,  Julie Cox met in Film-Am Garden Resort in San Antonio, Philippines  for her book …

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I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Excerpts


. When Julie Cox visited Gumaca to meet the cast of Beauty in Darkness, she gave a copy of her book with her authograph to my mom, which later, I get to read completely. Highly recommended book specially for those …

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Julie Cox Met the Cast & Crew of Beauty in Darkness


. From America to Philippines, our Partner Julie Cox together with Laila Armamento of  MagikFM90.3 & a schoolmate Sarah Pabia Houston took some time to meet the cast & crew of Beauty in Darkness Movie. Special thanks to Gumaca Police …

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I Ordered my Future Yesterday-The Julie Cox Story


. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBrtq0vdjNQ[/youtube] I’m a WINNER because I’ve known DEFEAT, HAPPY because I’ve known SORROW, GENEROUS because I’ve known HUNGER and KINDNESS as I’ve experienced CRUELTY. Life is worth living and beautiful as I’ve known HOPELESSNESS and DARKNESS -Julie Cox Julie …

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