Snapshots Chapter 1: A Mountain of Innocence & Compassion

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“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion: – Dalai Lama


When I was young, they used to say that when a person reached the age of about 28, he should have acquired a marriage, a dreamhouse and a car.

Is it a requirement to have the trappings of life, in order to be happy?

In the absense of these things, is it still possible to recognize the intangible?

A ricefield in barangay Ibabang Burgos, Pitogo, Quezon

Ladies and granmothers singing the “pasyon” during holy week

Close up of a rice crop as a part of their livelihood

A carabao animal as helper in the farm. Enjoying the mud in his skin.

Horses eating grass while resting.

Rice crops growing in the ricefield.

A typical house in the mountain

A mountain of ash used for charcoal as part of the livelihood.

Men and women harvesting the rice crops.

Brothers and sisters going home from school by walking the rough road uphill.

A day care student learning how to write.

One of the volunteer teachers in many of the daycare classrooms in all barangays of Gumaca.

Going home after school.

One of the day care student’s home.

Happilly playing with the empty water container as a toy car.

Happilly playing, enjoying each other’s company

Loads of laughter echoing throught out the mountains of barangay Manlayaan, Gumaca, Quezon.

A peek at one of the slits in another typical mountain dwelling.

Rocky terrains that residents pass through.

Volunteer teachers sharing their experiences of being a volunteer teacher and how it makes them content and happy, just being around children.

What happens during rainiy seasons.

Typical bridge over river that people pass throught to get on the other side of the river.

One of the students.

One of the volunteer teachers sharing her experience as a volunteer teacher. She loves kids.

Volunteer teacher explaining the lesson for the day.

Students everyday path going to and from the school.

Students coming from school, going home.

Laughter and smiles

Children enjoying the story books.




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Aileen Collo Amparo was born in the Philippines. Being different, her teenage years was not easy leading her to question life. As she discovers the answers, she works out her internal dilemma of the mind, body and soul, a continuous process. Currently working as an architect, she spends her free time living her passion for spirituality, healthy diet, photography, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, humanity, filmmaking and others.
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