Mick’s Miracles Part 2 of 2


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Mick: In 2002, after I phased out from my community service. I went back to the corporate life. I believe it was just a stepping stone, a college course which can help me best when I go on a larger scale, like this one in KBee.  Like what Genesis said.

“I wanted to know if serving the people is my real purpose, so I got out of it, went back to corporate life.”

I was hired as National Sales Manager for Government Accounts division of a local pharma company. It failed. Then I had some legal struggles with that pharma company as I supported the aggrieved employees working under me. Then I went to scrap business until I lost all I earned in a single year. It failed due to greed. If you’ll further read Genesis 26, you’ll find that Isaac was asked to leave the place for he became too powerful for them, they were afraid of him. So he went to look for a place where he could settle and find wells. But he was driven out again and again until he found his rightful place. Then I went into wellness business as Ethical Sales Division Head and company trainer. It was pretty successful in terms of sales, but it provided me something better, my advocacy build-up. During that time, I went into higher studies, pulling me further into going back to serving the community.

Aileen : Before we go to your present advocacy which is the Kbee. Can you tell us more about your experiences in this wellness business?

Mick : Well, it was VeMMA Nutraceuticals, a US company based in Arizona. The former country manager got me in to train their networkers. Then I was hired to do a lot more for them later.

It was a very different perspective for me, since I was into the pharmaceutical industry for so long too. It awakened me to the beauty of natural health care, although trained in pharmacology, anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacodynamics, etc. While in the pharma industry I was forced to really study those things even the principles and modalities in treating disease, professional ethics, and that  “Only drugs can cure”. 

“It was more like a paradigm shift for me, something that shook all my previous beliefs.”

Aileen :  (laughs in agreement)

Mick : The wellness industry provided me the light and the direction that I have to take seeing the situation all around us.

“I wanted to solve practically all of man’s woes, If only one can. With the daily trainings I conduct, I tell people as a former pharma guy that I know how the industry works, but now believes it has no conscience. For long, we have been deceived and I was a part of it before. So it’s my duty now to bend the minds of the people towards the right set of facts and to allow them to develop their own set of beliefs.”

My last year in that wellness company served as the preparatory ground in drafting the Kuyog bubuyog advocacy. With the products manufacturing systems, ingredients, progressively I learned much about nutrition and the people I worked with slowly depended on me to lead the group. I practically designed the marketing strategy for PH and do the promo management

Aileen : How did it lead to KBee?

Mick : On the 3rd year, Philippine operations came to a halt. As we were wrapping up our operations, we also were organizing an advocacy group and a marketing support unit at the same time. I came up with a marketing and management corporation named MarketBenders Philippines, Inc. and the advocacy group temporarily unnamed. We went ahead to organize the marketing support organization first. The ruling Board of directors (I am not one of them) are more product sales oriented, and advocacy is just secondary.  They want business and my heart wants to pursue the advocacy.

Mick : We weren’t made to tread the same course so we parted, leaving Caiel and me to pursue the cause.

It was very tough for Caiel. She struggled through it, but she stood up with head up high. That was August of 2011. Since then, I and Caiel helped out financing our operations ourselves. It was God’s providence too that we were not able to register KBee then.

Aileen : What are the challenges you went through during the Kbee operation

Mick : “Well of course, at first, we were receiving some frowns and degrading remarks from a few, but we looked into the numbers pouring in as members.”


Mick :Since September of 2011, we got into our fold almost 700 members with signed application forms. We went on ahead with our toxic chemical free living and herbal advocacy lectures and earned the respect of the academe in San Carlos, inviting us often to talk about toxic chemical free living. We expanded to puroks and sitios, lecturing about natural/organic farming, earning us again the respect of the local leaders leading to our appointment to lead the development programming to convert 4 farmland barangays into one contiguous Organic Farmland district.  We then went to Manila to link with concerned groups and agencies (and that’s where we met you ^_^), we redefined KBee and took a more holistic advocacy.  Registration came June 2012 after finalizing the principles and purposes of the group.  We partnered with the NGP, Organic & Environmental Groups, individuals and civic orgs to provide professional support to our advocacy and programs.  We then launched our centerpiece program TAGPI or Towards A Greener Planet Initiative” with 5 subprograms end of July 2012.

“We want KBee to be at the forefront of mobilising the private sector to initiate the changes our planet needs. For as long as we will be instrumental in re-greening our community living, we will share whatever we can to other groups to achieve our goals.”

KBee will not be accepting doleouts, but every 500 pesos received will be matched by planting a Geo-Tree with a 2-year maintenance. If God wants KBee to be a transition instrument, so be it. In being an instrument of transition, we are just utilising our urgent need to regreen the planet and for all to be living and ecologically sustainable life, as a concrete way to practice love in action. If people hesitate to love one another, let’s give them an opportunity to start loving nature first, then it will level up to loving all of creation including humanity later on.

Aileen : Can u give any advice for people who want to do something to change the world?

Mick : Lack of knowledge leads to destruction as always. So we must endeavor to increase it. With knowledge comes wisdom, then humility. So we will all end up respecting and loving one another.

Aileen : I forgot to ask about your higher spiritual learning.

Mick : It was universal wisdom. Got into a lecture by a friend who teaches that at Self Unfoldment Fellowship Inc., or SUFI until I was already handling a group. I was given a special topic to handle, the Hidden Wisdom of the Holy Bible”, being an avid born christian myself before, it was so timely coz my heart was seeking for truth.

Mick : In being a DeMolay, a Christian a Catholic, a servant of tribal communities, being in the wellness industry, all of it was to prepare me for higher learning as I pursue the advocacy, I believe that is what God has called me for.  All of my life’s experiences, the strengths and skills I have developed through the years,  prepared me for a larger role, which is my true purpose in life.


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