For such a long time, I have been extremely pessimistic. Worries and fear specially the financial and security concern is what drive my life around, my thoughts always project into the future, forgetting how to live by what the NOW presents.

     I’ve always thought that the measure of success will only be defined if you have a big house to live in, a car and high salary. And if you become successful per se’, then you’re living your life to the fullest.
It is sure assuring to have a degree, a status that everyone will respect one for. It’s nice to have a comfortable home, where family and friends can enjoy. It feels absolutely empowering when we receive that promotion letter after all the years of hard work. Everyone deserves a reward.

     Material things, power, and pleasure are tools for which man can use for whatever he choose to experience. We have all the right to enjoy them.

     But it came to the extent of hurting each other or even ourselves for the sake of it.

     On a smaller scale, this is why we rush to that 9 to 5 jobs that we loath while were wondering what if we pursue that painting or cooking skill that we loved so much doing? And yet we’re stuck in the same job because there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. The society is putting so much pressure on our lives leaving us no room to contemplate on the things that mean so much to us.

     On a bigger scale, this is why rich countries can manipulate poor countries by the figures on the currency exchange, stock markets and world bank debts. They can set world events and lifestyle norms so they can scare the weaker ones who only wish to survive and the latter end up doing what the power positions wants them to do even though it means destroying each other.
We sometimes ask where happiness has gone? Then we invented a defense mechanism in order for us to seem happy. Maybe that brand new car will make me happy, I’m sure if I get that guy to stick around will make me happy. If we have this so and so, then life will be perfect.
But how many times did we lose something in our lives? and they will come and go no matter what we do. How many times did we try to satisfy our longings by searching things outside of ourselves only to be disappointed because this person or thing who is supposed to complete our life wasn’t what we expect them to be.

     I realized how much desperate we are for love and approval from others.

     But how could this happen? We are already perfect for who we are and nobody needs approval from anybody because we are so magnificent like a shining star enough to light up the whole world.

     There’s a long long story behind it. It’s not our fault, its not our parent’s fault why the moment we were born, they were ready to install a software program of hundreds of belief systems into our pure selves. It’s a story that we all should search for.

     I was forced to look for answers due to some painful circumstances. Illnesses, broken relationships, depression and so on.

     People who have traveled inward have helped me stand up from the mud that I have sunk myself into. I am just a beginner in this path to spirituality, but I have discovered so many amazing things already.
We are all made of energy virbrating at a very high frequency. Many have call this as Divine love, universe, ether, God, etc.

     I’m not talking about love like ‘hey babe, your moves makes me shiver all the way down, why don’t we get a room?” .
Being used to negativity, I have to remind myself constantly that my thoughts are affecting the universe. What one thinks and the others are all added collectively creating a reality in so many dimensions, our physical world being the end product.

     We are using only 30% of our eyes. There’s so much we do not see. We are using only 10% of our brains. There’s a whole lot that we do not understand.

      It is through our collective minds that can change the world. Believe me when I say that you are like a shining star, bright enough to heal the world around you. Be it in your workplace, home, or with friends and strangers.

     We are not needy or clingy because we have so much love in every cell of our being. Needing is no longer a desperate attempt to obtain happiness. It’s right here within. We are happiness itself. We are love itself.
Inside of us lives love that can banish all suffering. Love that can stop all wars. Love that can change  enemies into best friends. Love that can make all our dreams come true. Love that can make the world go round in harmony.

     Not one person can do this because we co-create collectively.

     Let us all walk this way and I am certain that heaven won’t be so far away.

     It’s right here. Forever.




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About aileenCA

Aileen Collo Amparo was born in the Philippines. Being different, her teenage years was not easy leading her to question life. As she discovers the answers, she works out her internal dilemma of the mind, body and soul, a continuous process. Currently working as an architect, she spends her free time living her passion for spirituality, healthy diet, photography, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, humanity, filmmaking and others.
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