Kuyog Bubuyog, Inc.


KuyogBubuyog(Kbee) Advocacy Group

SEC REG.NO. CN201211031

Association of Ecologically Sustainable Community Living Advocates

1.To assemble environmentally-conscious peoples and/or organizations and provide a venue for sharing and exchanging information and ideas for a better, healthier and safer nature-friendly world
2. To conduct a continuing advocacy Information, education and communications activities on ecologically-sustainable living, climate change cause, effect and mitigating measures to mend personal and environmental health with focus on values formation, green consumerism and production.
3. To conduct activities/projects/programs that promotes environmental consciousness and endorse concrete steps towards nature-friendly living among the members and the public
4. To actively assist the communities in developing nature-friendly and sustainable socio-economic upliftment programs
5. To seek out funds, technology, markets, programs, etc from private, institutional and governmental donors, principals and concerned individuals
6. To liaison, collaborate, coordinate, affiliate, partner, with local or international organizations, educational and financial institutions, governments and green science institutions concerned in climate change mitigation, personal and environmental health and wellness.


We are Kuyogbubuyog, The Association of Ecologically Sustainable Community Living Advocates, initially based in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental as our pilot community. Since our inception in June 2011, we have now grown to a little less than 900 members.

Kuyogbubuyog or Kbees envisions a Greener Planet through the development of Climate Smart individuals via 10-year intensive climate oriented IEC activities and participative campaigns embodied in our centerpiece program, Towards A Greener Planet Initiative or TAGPI.

We wish to involve the private sector and run a parallel program with our government’s National Greening Program in creating a “KlimatalinongRepublika” . We wish to prove the world how loving and responsive Filipinos are in addressing the issues which affects global climate in general and in mitigating the feedback mechanisms of global warming here in our country.

We are a climate- embattled race but we rise up in every occasion as resilient as ever. However, our woes increase year after year as the feedback effects of global warming becomes more intense each time.

Can we do something about it? YES, we can! We have the knowledge and we have a plan. But we need the participation of each individual to achieve our collective goals. We must step up our pace as we have to reach out to more and more Filipinos as we can and make each one participate and contribute to our over-all objectives.

Influential leaders and members of each community , we wish to involve you in sponsoring our cause. We need to mobilize our volunteer organizations and individuals to take on the various tasks of TAGPI and plant more trees than ever before in our 10-year commitment to regreen the planet.

Your contribution to our cause shall be matched by the planting one(1) Geo-Tree + 2 years tree nurturing/maintenance for every PhP500. (Refer to our KBee Partners Sponsorship Bundles)

Thank you for your continuing advocacy and support.

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All photos provided by : Mick Feliciano and Caiel Esquerida



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