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Please browse through the pictures of Handicrafts and Native Food products made by KALIPI (Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina) or “The National Women’s Organization”  GUMACA Chapter.

KALIPI Gumaca is composed of over 5,000 members who willingly participated to be part of the organization. Members are offered several options to incorporate in their activity.

* Livelihood programs including trainings provided by the organization such as handicrafts, cooking, planting, livestock and others.

* Volunteer social works such as ushering during events, productions, tree-planting, clean-up drive, medical missions and others.

*Joining competitions such as singing and dancing, cooking and others.

For inquiries or interest in their products and services, send message to Charon Castillo (President of KALIPI, Gumaca) or call +(63) 42 3174012.

To know the story how I’ve come to know about the Kalipi of Gumaca in a way I thought it was a divinely guided event,  CLICK HERE.

This is the signage on the Kalipi Gumaca Store.

Gumaca Kalipi Wooden Signage

Women of Gumaca. Beautiful. Charming. Strong. Able. Creative.

Kalipi are always active in social events, giving the meaning of being a woman in this day and age a beautiful voice.

(One of my partners in Canada, Crystal Andrus is running a leading coaching program for women called the S.W.A.T. institute which continually empowers women)


What beauty do you see in this seemingly chaotic, disorderly looking room full of hardworking women?

Focus and Leadership. (President Charo Castillo in green shirt)

Endurance and Learning

Discipline and Accuracy

Skills and Creativity

Teaching and Following

Flexibility and Sharing


Artistry and Hardwork

After painting and coating the buri, they are dried to be ready for braiding or interlacing.

A buri roll painted with different colors.

Above photograph by: Digital Prezents Creation

Behind the beautiful and fashionable native products are all the hard work, perseverance, creativity, flexibility, leadership, learning, sharing, skills, endurance of the women of Gumaca.

For product inquiries, send message to Charon Castillo (President of KALIPI, Gumaca) or call +(63) 42 3174012.

Supporting Gumaca’s native products by KALIPI means more livelihood and opportunities for women. Many of the products like bags and decorations can be made in the comfort their homes which would mean more time for the family, flexibility and saving  transportation costs too.

Frames made of native buri.

Above photograph by: Digital Prezents Creation

KALIPI is also actively participating in product exhibitions and trade fairs.


Brown Paper bags.

Fancy bracelets

Close-up look at the buri bags. Talk about impeccable craftswomanship!

Food and household products such as Herbal teas, papaya pickle (atsara), banana chips, house decoration, ref magnet, dishwashing liquid, nuts, and sweets (scroll below to see more)

Above photograph by: Digital Prezents Creation

Above photograph by: Digital Prezents Creation

More Native food products and sweets. This is yumtown!

The president of KALIPI gave a bottle of ginger tea when I visited them at their shop. I made three cups a day since then because it taste superb, soothing and healthy too.

I brought packets of these when I got back at work, overseas. I gave some to Filipino friends of mine who were so delighted to have authentic filipino food from Philippines. They love it.

For product inquiries, send message to Charon Castillo (President of KALIPI, Gumaca) or call or call +(63) 42 3174012.

Images without credits mentioned are provided by Charon Castillo and KALIPI.




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