Julie Cox Met the Cast & Crew of Beauty in Darkness


From America to Philippines, our Partner Julie Cox together with Laila Armamento of  MagikFM90.3 & a schoolmate Sarah Pabia Houston took some time to meet the cast & crew of Beauty in Darkness Movie.

Special thanks to Gumaca Police for escorting & assisting them in this event.

They made a surprise visit near the entrance of the dump site where people who are sifting garbage dwell.

If you have not watched the movie yet. Find it on Chapter 2: Junks of Happiness.

Everyone had a nutritious brunch wrapped in banana leaves.

She talked to them about coming from the dumpsite herself and after years of hardwork and overcoming the obstacles,  she started helping trafficked women and abused children all over Philippines to rise from the darkness.

She also visited the home of Lola Ligaya. If you have not seen their story yet, watch Chapter 3: Unimpaired Strength

Julie and friends had lunch in our garden/cottage in Gumaca together with my family and cousins who assisted me  during the filming of Beauty in Darkness.

This is just a start of a beautiful friendship. Julie Cox is committed to helping children and women, empowering them how to come out of the darkness.  She comes back and forth between America and Philippines.

If you have not read her story of tragedy and coming out of it successfully, I highly recommend to read her book.

I Ordered My Future Yesterday – The Julie Cox Story

Even if you’re broken, negative, bitter, depressed,

nothing can stop you from finding your destiny!

– Julie Cox

A Beautiful Meeting of Hearts! <3 <3 <3

Julie cox meeting of hearts

Julie Cox mother and child photo

A video of this event to be posted Later!

A year ago during my filming, I visited the same spot where Julie met these beautiful people. Here is a short clip.





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