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Here are the reviews of I Ordered My Future Yesterday by Julie Cox. If you are not familiar with the book. Read the following articles:

The Julie Cox Story

I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Exerpts

Watch Julie Cox interview with Boy Abunda of The Bottomline

Book is available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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I Ordered My Future Book Reviews

Proof: The giver “is” the Gift

“This is a difficult book to review. Not that it is good or bad, but more that it is stirring, heart wrenching and compelling in ways that are difficult to describe and that would do the book the “justice” it is worthy of. I wanted to put the book down after reading the chapter “The Gospel According to Leukemia” but was not able to. I had to know more about the courage and undaunted spirit of the author, Julie Cox.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever read a book provided more reasons where “giving up” seemed like the thing to do just that but was saved in miraculous ways that surprised even her! I was mortified only to later be cheering, Julie, on back again. to anguish and heartache to unbelievable joy as this incredible woman doesn’t just “overcome” trials but breaks through them with power, determination and a humble, grace that is so transformative,  I was completely caught up in, not the story, but the “life” of this remarkable woman. Over and over again, Julie defies all odds and only comes back more determined and always with a generous heart.

Julie’s story is not a story of overcoming as much as it is a story of discovery of her own unique nature which in every case desires to return to others what was given to her. Here is a woman who, in her life experience and in her own words, has “overcome the world”. In every way this book is a gift as is Julie. Her story truly is evidence that the greatest gifts in life are those that are returned from the abundance we all have within. Julie’s faith, courage, perseverance and love of family and life is the greatest testament that regardless of what life throws at us, an indomitable spirit and generous heart always triumphs. I want to carry her on my shoulders and parade her around for all to see just as all “heroes” should be!”

Carl Bozeman

Author, Amazon Bestseller “On Being God-Beyond Your Life’s Purpose. Are you listening?Addressing the Divine Within. On Human Being – Loving & Living Without Purpose”

“Here’s an unparallel story of a Filipina Cinderella whose glass slippers for once shoeless Julie represent marginalization and hard hard toll that turned ones’ unrelenting passion to compassion.What I salute in the author’s story is the multiplicity of misfortunes that fortified the walls of her heart and kept her soul pure and unblemished open to look out for the salvation of her immediate family and clan but now for the rest of the world.In my personal encounter with Julie,I have no doubt that she is a true missionary both in word and in deed.”

Dr.Marita Viloria

Founder/Director of Kalinga Cross Over-Mission

review_PC Mccullough“From the moment I met Julie Cox, I knew she was intrinsically special person. In her heartfelt memoir, Julie scours through her past and relives her pain not for fame of fortune but for hope of helping others endure their sufferings with a lighter burden knowing the light shines brightly on the other side of pain. La vida es una punta entonces – we find pieces that fit together after the storm. Beautifully put, beautiful Julie.”

PC Mcullough is an author, speaker and life coach. Her novel “Perfect”, a story of  self discovery after divorce is based on her own experiences. She has co-authored several inspirational books and co-edited the inspirational anthology, “Turning Points”, changing lives one event at a time.


Book Review Michelle Cantillan New Jersey“Very poignant but highly inspirational and motivational, a must read book! This book was a recommended reading for me. I was told it is a compilation of incredible stories of triumph over tragedies. It is an amazing story of an immigrant woman whose resiliency in life is unbreakable. Lisa Bower of Clarion Foreword Reviews gave this book Four Stars (our of five). I gave this book Five Stars. Why? Julie Cox’s writing is genuinely heartwarming, highly  motivational and very inspirational. This book reaches readers of all ages as her amazing story started at a very young age and continued on to the present. What makes her story one of a kind is her sheer determination, courage and faith to go on searching for her dreams and making them happen while she was also helping everyone in need along her way. As Lisa Bower of Foreword Reviews said “Her book is not a collection of depressing tales. Instead it celebrates the author’s ability to fight her way past her circumstances and find success, happiness and redemption.”

“On this note, if in this moment in your life, you think you are having life’s challenges, then you should buy this book and read it. “I Ordered My Future Yesterday” can and may change your perspective of existence.”

“This book will make you feel and see the real meaning of life.”

– Michelle Cantillan, New Jersey


book review Michael H. Ballard Resiliency for Life “Julie Cox offers up an incredible heart wrenching story of overcoming incredible odds-several times. Yet has ended up victorious over several types of life altering altercations. The world needs to hear Julie’s story! Her volunteer work is yet another chapter in a life filled with Can-Do in a world of Oh-Oh and I-Cant!”

– Michael H. Ballard

President & CEO, Resiliency for Life


book review Mario Raniere Life Coach

“The first time I met Julie Cox, she asked me an interesting question. “What are you all about?” From that moment I knew I was speaking to a strong woman. She has a strong mental make up and soul. She has managed to overcome her challenges and become a master of her own life. In this book, she hopes many can find their own path and blueprint to success. If Julie’s book can help one person, then she has achieved what she set out to do in the journey of helping others. That’s Julie, that’s what she is all about”

– Mario Raniere is part of Nordstrom Management as well as Mentro and Life Coach.


book review Jim Mendori

“Julie has written a highly compelling account of her life. Faced with many hardships at a young age, her story is one of survival through her sheer pride, courage and determination. Her strength, resolve and beliefs have helped her overcome the most difficult trials of physical and mental challenges. A truly inspiring story, Julie gives us a roadmap on how we can overcome our setbacks provided we have the right attitude to succeed”

– Jim Mendori,

Writer, Editor and Political Correspondent,

New York, Washington and Toronto


Book Review Brian Tangora“Admittedly, I am not an avid reader, however a friend of mine highly recommended that I should read & quote I Ordered My Future Yesterday by Julie Cox and I am grateful that I did. Julie’s story is eye-opening and at times hard to read because of the terrible things she went through, but not once did she ever paint her story in a negative light. Instead, Julie puts a positive touch into everything she has gone through and her story teaches you that no matter what bad may come your way, that you should always find the positive in it and grow. Use those experiences to better yourself as a person and to push you to accomplish anything you believe in.”

“What i also love about this book is how Julie celebrates life, something frankly, the world needs to do more of and how she teaches and inspires through her experiences. Her story also serves as a great lesson to us all to always think and live positively and to never give up. It also makes you realize that negative things will happen to us all, but is is how you handle adversity which will help define you as a person. You can either sit back and feel sorry for yourself or you can inspire others by teaching them through your experiences.”

“After reading Julie’s story, you really will believe you can accomplish anything. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a motivational and inspiring read that will touch your heart and soul.”

-Brian Tangora

Book is available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble




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