From Rags to Riches


Every where I turn, I would find people creating beauty out of darkness. This post is just one of them. But this time, its not about a person, but a thing. Who would have thought that the single-use plastic bags that we dump (most of them clogging the canal system in the city) can transform itself into something that it is not.

I am so excited to share with you what the Perez sisters have created, particularly Caroline Perez who loves crocheting. Her magic hands with her magic wand  turns any rag into rich looking, classy-looking fashion accessories.

The magic wand . The golden crochet hook

crochet hook

This is self explanatory.  All I can say is this is absolutely awesome!

“You can sport on a classy or casual look with this bag made of used 7-11 plastics ^^,. save those plastics from piling up the dump sites, save mother earth from toxins” – Caroline Perez

plastic bags to fashion bag“What a way to start my year ^^ … The plarn I used to make this earthly bag are made from Watson’s and AIM Global plastics” – Caroline Perez

eco bag

Let’s open the bag. No pickpocketing please 😀

“My Second Eco-Bag…I used 7/11 plastic bags for the body, sturdy AIM Global Plastics for the strap. I took the zipper from worn-out “batang-maynila” school bag. Lining is from an old skirt. I made this in 2 nights while watching ancient aliens series. SAVE EARTH, reuse plastics” – Caroline Perez

eco bag

Here are the Perez sisters wearing their fashion ladies bag while shopping in the organic section of the supermarket. Caroline Perez, Jennie Perez and Judith Perez. Pretty, pretty! and Earth conscious too.

We’re not done with the exhibition yet, there’s more!

This is a cellphone strap. Is it me or they simply  look magnificent? I love the semi-translucent colors. Caroline gave these away as gifts for her friends.

I have one of these in white color. This is Judith wearing a foot apparel during our beach outing in Quezon Province, Philippines.

This is me, wearing their gift. By the way, the top and shorts are from second hand thrift store. I rarely buy brand new clothes as a respect to child laborers who are working up to 16 hours  a day in the factories making our clothes and other stuff. If you research about this, I don’t think you would want to buy new clothes as frequently as you used to be.

Anyway, back to topic. Here are the pendants and Earrings with various designs.

“I came from the space of LOVE. Inspired by the lessons learned from Mr. Pido Aguilar last Saturday at SMX , I made this pendant from up-cycled nbs plastic bag. Amazingly, people keeps showing up when you have questions to be answered.” – Caroline Perez

Here is a bracelet made of used ribbon decorated with silver beads.

The Perez sisters are multi-talented friends of mine who are also organic and nature lovers. They run a company in Manila called Prezents Digital Creations related to artworks, handicrafts, presentations, t-shirts and all things beautiful. If you are interested in what they do. Click on the poster below to go to their website or LIKE their Facebook too to win prizes and more.




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