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Both flying all the way from opposite sides of the world, me and what I consider one of my soul sisters,and one of my partners,  Julie Cox met in Film-Am Garden Resort in San Antonio, Philippines  for her book launching of “I ordered my Future Yesterday and my movie showing of “Beauty in Darkness”.

A movie that highlights the inner quality of the human spirit and a book that is a real life testimony of how strong human spirit can be are works of art that are made for each other.

To know more about Julie Cox and her story of overcoming the deepest darkness in her life,

See “I Ordered My Future Yesterday”    and  I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Excerpts

Here we are with my DVD and her book. Julie Cox is a very remarkable woman in every cell of her being. Her life story and the challenges she went through molded her into what she is now: Strong, intelligent, compassionate, bold, determined and I could go on and on about this.

Prayer before anything else

Laila Armamento and Danny Galante of MagickFM 90.3 as hosts of the show

I am so honored to be with the compassionate Dr. Marita Villora, Founder Director of Kalinga Cross-Over Mission in Baguio and Cabanatuan City and Julie Cox author of the book and owner of Fil-Am Garden Resort.

Dr. Marita Villlora is one of the sweetest, compassionate person I ever known.  She is so gentle yet so courageous to be able to do her mission to save as many lives as possible, specially abused women and children.

With my friend whom I learned about the importance of being organized. She is a helpful, compassionate, hardworking woman who looks way way younger than her age. :). You wouldn’t have guessed what is her real age is, something that amazes me.

A few minutes of final words. I don’t like being on stage in front of people because I didn’t think I was ready to say what is really in my mind face to face publicly, which most likely could cause some wonder whether I am crazy or normal 😀 hence, making my speech slurs a lot. But I am working on it. I need to be comfortable with who I am even though I was always uncomfortable living here on Earth.

I would like to thank my friend Jennie Perez, owner of Prezents Digital Creations, who gave me the dress as a gift. I really have nothing to wear. I am not fond of  shopping clothes because it would always remind me of the children who are forced to work in factories 16 hours a day just to make our clothes. Thank god that I was given a gift instead. Most of my clothes are either from second hand clothes shop or from friends who didn’t want their clothes anymore.



After the event was a going away party for Julie Cox’s return to the United States where her husband lives. She let me and my cousins stay in the pavillion rooms overlooking the pool, for the night and let us enjoy in the resort.

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