A shocking visit


Note: After one and a half month at the time of the writing of the article below, Michael passed away. He is no longer with us, but his story remains an inspiration. Last year Michael seems to be doing fine …

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Beautiful Birthday Gift


. Let me apologize first because I rarely throw a birthday party with friends. I thought its too expensive to celebrate the conventional way which does not give much meaning, in my opinion only. Sorry bout that. Last couple of …

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Fireworks Display


I love watching fireworks because it reminds me of the stars within all of us. I try to memorize how it look and remember the stars in every cell of my being and others too, the whole world and the …

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Become a SWAT Institute Certified Life Coach


. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiyOjeoVEeY&feature=plcp[/youtube] . [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDinNp7FW7Y&feature=plcp[/youtube] Live the life that you were meant to live and help thousands of women. Become a SWAT Institute Certified Life Coach Apply now. If you are ready to help others become truly empowered in areas of …

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Film Showing in the mountains of Gumaca


. During a festival in Gumaca, just a day after I have flown back to Philippines, I passed by a booth display of products called Kalipi, made of handicraft materials. A year ago, I was looking for a livelihood project …

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Film Showing with Julie Cox


. Both flying all the way from opposite sides of the world, me and what I consider one of my soul sisters,and one of my partners,  Julie Cox met in Film-Am Garden Resort in San Antonio, Philippines  for her book …

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Royalty Free Music for Your Videos


. Are you working on a presentation or a video? Most likely you will need a soundtrack to go with it. But of course, we don’t want to use copyrighted materials which most people still do. Most likely, if you …

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Watch Me Walk on Fire


. Have you Ever Walked on Fire? I’m sure many people will say “Who in the right frame of mind would walk on fire?” I did!  And so far, I have not been admitted in a mental institution It has …

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Angelic Humans in Disguise


. It was a weekend when my mentor turned best friend decided to take me to a place called “ghost town” to tickle my enthusiasm for photography. Ghost town didn’t have ghosts in it but primitive abandoned houses where no …

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The Mayans and the Stranger in the Bus


   You may Listen to the audioblog below: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qob3I0XXTY8[/youtube] Transcript : Let’s just say that I am a lover of spirituality. I take classes and meditation a lot. I listen to as much as many audio books, documentaries and interviews that I …

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.       For such a long time, I have been extremely pessimistic. Worries and fear specially the financial and security concern is what drive my life around, my thoughts always project into the future, forgetting how to live by …

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