Julie Cox Interview with Boy


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9UMrws5ix8[/youtube] Very inspirational interview of Julie Cox with Boy Abunda of the Bottomline. Thanks to Ms. Laila Armamento, friend, assistant and confidant of Julie Cox for providing us the video. View Bottomline Website

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Knowing Faith


How strong is one’s faith? When I stumbled upon this video, I was already having another episode of the so called Dark night of the soul when everything seems chaotic and dark even if the outside world seems normal. However, …

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Beautiful Birthday Gift


. Let me apologize first because I rarely throw a birthday party with friends. I thought its too expensive to celebrate the conventional way which does not give much meaning, in my opinion only. Sorry bout that. Last couple of …

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Kuyog Bubuyog, Inc.


KuyogBubuyog(Kbee) Advocacy Group KUYOGBUBUYOG, Inc. (KBee) SEC REG.NO. CN201211031 Association of Ecologically Sustainable Community Living Advocates OBJECTIVES 1.To assemble environmentally-conscious peoples and/or organizations and provide a venue for sharing and exchanging information and ideas for a better, healthier and safer …

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Mick’s Miracles Part 2 of 2


. See Mick’s Interview Part 1 MICK FROM PHARMA SHIT TO A PARADIGM SHIFT Mick: In 2002, after I phased out from my community service. I went back to the corporate life. I believe it was just a stepping stone, …

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Mick’s Miracles Part 1 of 2


. I met Mr. Mick Feliciano during a two day hands-on organic farming training (Kasama Ka Organiko) in Batangas, Philippines. An event which I almost could not participate in because a vacation in Philippines have always been tight in schedule. …

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Marie O’Riordan International Success


. Marie O’Riordan, International Success – despite of not having a degree I wonder how many people in this world are capable of thinking ‘out of the box’. And if there are, it must be interesting to know what goes …

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I Ordered my Future Yesterday Book Reviews


. Here are the reviews of I Ordered My Future Yesterday by Julie Cox. If you are not familiar with the book. Read the following articles: The Julie Cox Story I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Exerpts Watch Julie Cox …

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Film Showing in the mountains of Gumaca


. During a festival in Gumaca, just a day after I have flown back to Philippines, I passed by a booth display of products called Kalipi, made of handicraft materials. A year ago, I was looking for a livelihood project …

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Film Showing with Julie Cox


. Both flying all the way from opposite sides of the world, me and what I consider one of my soul sisters,and one of my partners,  Julie Cox met in Film-Am Garden Resort in San Antonio, Philippines  for her book …

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Film Showing near Garbage Dump


. The people in the movie watched themselves in the screen. Faces light up & roars of excitement filled the room. The socially invisible are now shining their light worldwide via the movie Beauty in Darkness. Watch the part of …

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I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Excerpts


. When Julie Cox visited Gumaca to meet the cast of Beauty in Darkness, she gave a copy of her book with her authograph to my mom, which later, I get to read completely. Highly recommended book specially for those …

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Watch Me Walk on Fire


. Have you Ever Walked on Fire? I’m sure many people will say “Who in the right frame of mind would walk on fire?” I did!  And so far, I have not been admitted in a mental institution It has …

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Story Behind the Beauty in Darkness Poster


. A year ago, while filming, I found these children happily & innocently playing in the street . I was so delighted by the action of their little energetic bodies, smiles and laughter, that are as fresh as the breeze …

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Julie Cox Met the Cast & Crew of Beauty in Darkness


. From America to Philippines, our Partner Julie Cox together with Laila Armamento of  MagikFM90.3 & a schoolmate Sarah Pabia Houston took some time to meet the cast & crew of Beauty in Darkness Movie. Special thanks to Gumaca Police …

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Crystal Andrus, Founder and CEO of SWAT institute


. I am proud to introduce to you, one of my beautiful partners who is making huge change in the world. She is helping me bring the beautiful message out into the world contained in the film Beauty in Darkness. …

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