Kuyog Bubuyog, Inc.


KuyogBubuyog(Kbee) Advocacy Group KUYOGBUBUYOG, Inc. (KBee) SEC REG.NO. CN201211031 Association of Ecologically Sustainable Community Living Advocates OBJECTIVES 1.To assemble environmentally-conscious peoples and/or organizations and provide a venue for sharing and exchanging information and ideas for a better, healthier and safer …

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Mick’s Miracles Part 2 of 2


. See Mick’s Interview Part 1 MICK FROM PHARMA SHIT TO A PARADIGM SHIFT Mick: In 2002, after I phased out from my community service. I went back to the corporate life. I believe it was just a stepping stone, …

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Christopher V Comstock Music


. I am very glad to share with you the music of my friend and fellow student, Christopher V. Comstock. He has been very kind and supportive of me eversince I came in as a beginner of our study group. …

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The Wisdom of Menopause


. I am still quite far from being in a menopausal stage but I thought this free mp3 of an exciting discussion between Crystal Andrus and Dr. Christiane Northrup would inspire the senior women in our circles.  I never thought …

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Mick’s Miracles Part 1 of 2


. I met Mr. Mick Feliciano during a two day hands-on organic farming training (Kasama Ka Organiko) in Batangas, Philippines. An event which I almost could not participate in because a vacation in Philippines have always been tight in schedule. …

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Are You a Love Addict?


. I used to be a certified one and it’s not pretty, its dark, controlling and very limiting to myself and others. I will detail that part of my journey in another article and what I have gone through to …

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Marie O’Riordan International Success


. Marie O’Riordan, International Success – despite of not having a degree I wonder how many people in this world are capable of thinking ‘out of the box’. And if there are, it must be interesting to know what goes …

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Become a SWAT Institute Certified Life Coach


. . Live the life that you were meant to live and help thousands of women. Become a SWAT Institute Certified Life Coach Apply now. If you are ready to help others become truly empowered in areas of their life, …

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Woman Energy™ vs. Mother Energy™ vs. Daughter Energy™—which are you?


. REGISTER HERE Have you ever wondered why you sometimes react to a situation in a way that doesn’t always serve you … and yet, you can’t figure out why you keep doing it … or how to change? Maybe …

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KALIPI Gumaca Handicrafts


. Please browse through the pictures of Handicrafts and Native Food products made by KALIPI (Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina) or “The National Women’s Organization”  GUMACA Chapter. KALIPI Gumaca is composed of over 5,000 members who willingly participated to be part …

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I Ordered my Future Yesterday Book Reviews


. Here are the reviews of I Ordered My Future Yesterday by Julie Cox. If you are not familiar with the book. Read the following articles: The Julie Cox Story I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Exerpts Watch Julie Cox …

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Film Showing in the mountains of Gumaca


. During a festival in Gumaca, just a day after I have flown back to Philippines, I passed by a booth display of products called Kalipi, made of handicraft materials. A year ago, I was looking for a livelihood project …

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Film Showing with Julie Cox


. Both flying all the way from opposite sides of the world, me and what I consider one of my soul sisters,and one of my partners,  Julie Cox met in Film-Am Garden Resort in San Antonio, Philippines  for her book …

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Film Showing near Garbage Dump


. The people in the movie watched themselves in the screen. Faces light up & roars of excitement filled the room. The socially invisible are now shining their light worldwide via the movie Beauty in Darkness. Watch the part of …

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Royalty Free Music for Your Videos


. Are you working on a presentation or a video? Most likely you will need a soundtrack to go with it. But of course, we don’t want to use copyrighted materials which most people still do. Most likely, if you …

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Snapshot Chapter 5: Life


Watch Chapter 1 : A Mountain of Innocence and Compassion or View Snapshots Watch Chapter 2: Junks of Happiness or View Snapshots Watch Chapter 3: Unimpaired Strength or View Snapshots Watch Chapter 4: Young Hope or View Snapshots Watch Chapter …

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