Story Behind the Beauty in Darkness Poster


A year ago, while filming, I found these children happily & innocently playing in the street . I was so delighted by the action of their little energetic bodies, smiles and laughter, that are as fresh as the breeze in the sea, and I can’t help but capture them using my small camcorder. They were not meant to be included in the documentary, but they embody the very concept of Beauty in Darkness. Here we are as they  play around the small camera. It is very rare that they see gadgets like this where they can see themselves in the small preview panel.

Little did I know, as I began preparing the poster for the movie, I found their pictures in my hard drive, all smiling happily and innocently. I thought that was so adorable. Their eyes speak of millions of beautiful things despite of their background.

Here is the finished cover for the movie with the help of Prezents Digital Creations.

And the segment of the video where the kids can be seen playing happily is in the Chapter 5 of the movie. WATCH THEM HERE

After some time, I took time to visit the 7 children in their home. And here they are holding the poster of the movie that touched many people’s lives. What a beautiful picture. Isn’t it? I talked to some of their parents and they were so delighted that their kids have become part of this movie.

I visited their parents after a week to give them the copy of the Movie. They said they will go to a neighbor who has a DVD player to watch it.  In the picture to the left, is one of the kids in the poster and his mother. He is sipping a softdrink (which I think is bad for his health). I’m currently doing interviews and clips about organic farming to be released once I’m done, fingers crossed. These lovely souls deserve the highest quality of food to not slow down the potential for growth and strength of their spirit. But even then, in darkness, they still shine. How much brighter can they shine, if the physical, mental and spiritual bodies are supplied with the closest possible natural elements?

We also gave some lovely presents for them. These are used stuff that people want to throw out of their closet perhaps to give room for new sets of clothes for the season, or get rid of their children’s belongings that they have already outgrown. What a great way to recycle stuff, instead of throwing them in the garbage. Many of these items are still useable. Personally, I save containers that I used, almost anything and everything that can be recycled. It is true that other people’s trash is another person’s treasure. It’s a good idea to re-use the items in your household by looking around your own neighborhood and see who needs them.




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Aileen Collo Amparo was born in the Philippines. Being different, her teenage years was not easy leading her to question life. As she discovers the answers, she works out her internal dilemma of the mind, body and soul, a continuous process. Currently working as an architect, she spends her free time living her passion for spirituality, healthy diet, photography, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, humanity, filmmaking and others.
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