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Let me apologize first because I rarely throw a birthday party with friends. I thought its too expensive to celebrate the conventional way which does not give much meaning, in my opinion only. Sorry bout that.

Last couple of years, while filming beauty in darkness, I decided to celebrate my birthday with the people who are living and making a living out of garbage. They are hungry and rarely taste food that me, my friends and family normally eat. The idea is not going to save the planet but maybe its a great birthday present for myself too to have my birthday as an instrument of nourishment and happiness for others at least for one day.

Here I am in our dirty kitchen cooking the first batch of noodles with the help of my family. I am mostly vegetarian so I am cooking noodles stir fried with vegetables. It is called bihon.

This is their chance to get nourished. At the time, I was not yet fully conscious about the benefits of raw food diet, which I am becoming more and more later on. I just wished I prepared everything raw so that they could get the most out of the nutrients in the food. The green lemon and oranges were squeezed to make fresh juice for them.

In my opinion, human beings contain the DNA of human angels except that many of us are not aware of it.  We are here to help each other even in small ways. We are here to heal the planet. We are not perfect and and have negative characteristics  just like everyone else, but let’s try our best to let the goodness in us win over.

By the way, I was glad to serve bananas with black spots which helps the immune system.

These are the women and children living and making a living out of garbage. Some of them were in the movie. Watch Chapter 2: Junks of Happiness.

Freshly squeezed kalamansi juice. I do not like to serve softdrinks which is very acidic and high in sugar.


The little girls enjoying the noodles that me and my family prepared for them. I was feeling sorry that I allowed plastics to be used in the plates. It should never happen again for I am now an advocate of green living. This was a couple of year ago and I have had so many eye opening realizations since then  for our environment and for our physical health.

A video of the celebration can be found in the last chapter of the movie. I have never seen so much fun in any of my birthdays than this one. Watch Chapter 5 : Life

While filming Beauty in Darkness, I came to know also about the volunteer teachers who are giving so much of their love and sacrifice for the children who barely afford to buy a pencil, let alone pay for school fees. I was very inspired by the amount of dedication. So I thought, it would also be a great birthday celebration for Anakin together with the teachers and children from the remote areas of Gumaca. I know very well that many children could not afford the transportation cost to come to our house, so I hired motorcycles to pick them up from the mountains. Just by this example, one can see how poor they are.

What I really love about this celebration is I hired a clown. It’s also my personal dream to have a clown on my birthday which came true! Many of the children have never seen a clown before which made me even more encouraged with the idea of hiring one.

A contest on who can say the longest happy birthdaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Children getting excited on what’s going to happen next as Anakin pretends to sip the liquid through his thumb and pinky.

The children were scared-excited when the clown told them that a snake will come out of the bag.

More clown tricks.

Art tricks. As the clown slides the paper upward, the drawings becomes colored. How did he do that? I like this clown stuff so much!

Girls stop dance game.

“pabitin”.  I think the mothers and teachers became kid-like all of a sudden and lost their adult status. haha.


The truth is its a little stressful to organize a party specially when it was decided upon the last minute. But all in all, me, my family, the children and women were happy, nourished and had so much fun.

Please share the movie Beauty in Darkness with your friends as a small birthday gift and take time to visit my other websites that promotes positive change. I am just an ordinary person trying my best to help heal the planet despite of my challenges and weaknesses as a human being. It’s so easy to quit but as long as there are people who understand the need for positive change, it’s enough to see hope. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.




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