Angelic Humans in Disguise


It was a weekend when my mentor turned best friend decided to take me to a place called “ghost town” to tickle my enthusiasm for photography.

Ghost town didn’t have ghosts in it but primitive abandoned houses where no one dwells anymore. Modern people now live in modern buildings with advanced facilities that suit their lifestyle.

The ruined city of mudbricks looked so beautiful to me. Beautifully dull and lifeless but hold the energy of antique stories that perhaps have not been told in history the way it was as the moment it occurred – a mystery.

I started taking photographs together with a few tourists who were with awe and excitement. The houses were basic type of dwellings with small rooms and clusters. My friend asked me to climb a tower so that he can have a picture of me standing on top of it like Rapunzel.

The way up to the roof were steep steps, giving me a kind of thrill like Indiana Jones did perhaps. Happily, I shouted at my friend to tell him that he can take the picture. But there was urgency in the sound of his voice when he called me. Faintly I heard him say “come down, come down, we have to go”.

Looking from the top of the tower, I spotted another tower where a group of gangster, about six or seven people, just came out of it and head to the tower where I am in. I noticed that the tourist who were around earlier were gone.

I am not the kind of person who is easily scared by “bad” people. When I was younger, I would come home in the middle of the night without a single trace of worry about walking in dark alleys in one of the most notorious places in manila.

I do have a lot of fears that I can write as long as a grocery list, but definitely not this one. I have had three cellphone snatchers cornering me in a public transportation, pointing a knife towards my throat, but I have not the kind of fear that I would have about my other fears.

This was the first time I felt that fear about “bad” people and in an instant I had a thought of myself, a skinny, fragile female being raped by a gangster composed of some huge, black and loud men laughing viciously inside the tower in the middle of an abandoned village.

Perhaps I pick up energy easily. Like that of my friend’s natural instinc to protect me from harm.

I got down as fast as I could. Almost there, almost there. And finally, panting, I reached the ground. When I came out of the main door, I walked slowly hiding my agitation from the gangsters who are heading towards the spot where I was.

Successfully, I reached the car where it was parked and we watched them enter the tower where I was before. I asked my friend “What was the matter?” although I already understand what was happening. I have this attitude of asking people what is going on even though I already get it. And this is a mystery why I do such a dumb thing. (laughs)

He replied “Well, they could be just harmless passersby or troublemakers”. I agreed in my mind.

We continued our drive, and took some more pictures until we got stuck in what seemed like a loose sand that rise like a fountain from the front wheels as it spins.

“Shit, we’re stuck!” my friend whispered. We got out of the car and my heart sank as I saw the portion of the wheel being stuck deep in the ground. It is almost time for sunset and the gangsters are now heading towards us!

My friend scrapes the ground and tried to start the engine back and forth but the more he does, the deeper the car got stuck.

Lord, if this is the day that I will be raped or tortured, I can get over that in time because it is only physical and there is underlying energetic forces why things occur in this 3d world, something that I should be more concerned about, but I cannot bear the thought of my family’s grief about such tragedy as well as the possible harm they could do to my mentor who is a good person.

In times such as these, my initial reaction would be to call upon divine protection to turn things around to light instead of harm. But I totally lost my faith. I let fear came over me.

They are coming and both of us could just look each other in the eye. My mentor is a smart person, he knows what to do in difficult situations and I trusted him when he started greeting the boys and asked for help.

I couldn’t believe this is happening. What was considered an enemy a while ago now becomes a friend?

One of the guys, who is walking ahead of them agreed to help. As they came closer, I realized that some of them were about as young as fourteen years old which gave me some relief except for one person who is shouting at everybody with no sense. I read that he is mentally retarded, like that of autistic.

I tried to make very little motion while standing beside a tree so that I can get the least attention as possible as they are busily discussing what strategy to implement to get the car out.

By standard, I am not considered pretty (although I know all people are beautiful in their own way), but I do not want to mingle with them that could have suggested an idea of what I was fearful about.

How evil of me to think that way?

So I shifted my consciousness and started sending them and the car “I love you” affirmations in my mind.  An hour passed, and the car was stuck several more times that keeps me busy sending more love.

There were a couple of tourists who saw us in dilemma, but none of them offered helped and left  while the so called “bad” gangsters help us solve the problem through thick and thin.

They breathed dust coming out of the spinning wheels, covering all four of those who were pushing hard to move the car. Their white shirts and trousers were covered with mud and they don’t seem to mind it at all. Their hands must have been blistered from scooping the ground under the wheels with their bare hands. They went their way in and out of the place to search for some ledge and rocks to facilitate the drive frontwards.

And even in the midst of all the stress, they seemed to be having a good time. To solve the issue seemed a challenge and a fun game for them. They are just like the garbage people in my movie, Beauty in Darkness.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, they successfully drove the car out to a more stable ground. My friend started embracing them to show his gratitude. For me, it’s absolutely precious to hug all of them but I didn’t.

In my mind, I did.

I told them “you guys are the best, and we thank you so so very much”

And before we could exit, they still had the heart to chase us to return all the equipments that were left forgotten on the ground.

We waved our goodbyes and the guys are shouting back goodbye and goodluck.

We reached the highway, and there are no words to say but “wonderful, lovely people they are”

We both agreed that this is a lesson for the two of us. We were interrupted from what is supposed to be an adventurous sight seeing to experience a much more adventurous life training.

If we were to pick one, we would have considered the lesson to be much worthwhile of an adventure.

It is a game of suspense, mind, and spiritual faith happening all in one desolated place, with the unlikely people that play in it, making it more a tricky situation.

Do not judge the book by its cover, although overused for a quotation, is the perfect message.

We cannot blame the world for being very suspicious about other people because reality is cruel in so many occasions.

From the beginning, since childhood we were told to “stay away from strangers”. And as we grow as adults, the personal bubbles of protection have been so solid that we become a planet of strangers, suspecting each other of evil thoughts. I am myself, is guilty of that.

I do understand though that this is a natural defense mechanism if a person grew up in a planet where cruelty exists.

In my other imaginations, I see other planets where they look at each other’s eyes and no one needs to question anyone because he/she already knows what the person is thinking, or have experienced all his life. Somekind of natural telepathic ability. And so no one can escape from the truth and no one needs to pretend. And what becomes his goal is truth, because lies won’t work.

Here on earth, we were born pure and innocent. It is life’s experiences that can either influence us to be bad or good.  But we cannot hide the truth that we are all good deep inside.

Perhaps when our society evolves someday, and we begin teaching children that we are good no matter what, we are beautiful in our own ways, we are loved, safe, and complete and the “standard of measurement” of what makes a good or bad person, a loser or successful, acceptable or unacceptable are disregarded, then it is more likely that the invisible boundaries of us being defensive strangers will create more loving communities.

Loving communities creates no “bad” people as a result. Only cruel communities create them.

And no suspicious, judgemental person such as me will be imagining horrific things inside a historical tower over those that happen to look like gangsters, but in truth are just playful, fun loving, helpful angelic human beings in disguise.




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Aileen Collo Amparo was born in the Philippines. Being different, her teenage years was not easy leading her to question life. As she discovers the answers, she works out her internal dilemma of the mind, body and soul, a continuous process. Currently working as an architect, she spends her free time living her passion for spirituality, healthy diet, photography, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, humanity, filmmaking and others.
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