Beauty in Darkness Movie is a collection of four short stories portraying difficult situations, a typical scenario of a dark reality occurring in different parts of the world.
It is in the most challenging situations that the intangible is hardest to spot or recognize. However, the people in the movie demonstrate that the beautiful qualities are truly inherent in people despite of darkness.
Compassion, Innocence, Strength, Hope and Life itself are the beautiful qualities that Aileen, someone who had been a long time pessimist discovered in them.
The movie does not only give those who are socially invisible a voice, but serves as a reminder to focus on the positive as an advantage to recreate a beautiful world, rather than to focus on negativity that could create more problems in our reality.
The cause of their suffering whether they should be blamed for their fate or be pitied as victims of a corrupt system is not tackled for it requires superhuman understanding in order to justify the present condition of mankind. There is an intelligent force running this whole show of Life in which man could only theorize, if not come close to the absolute truth.
Whatever the situation is, it is proven that the light within the heart of man will always shine and the inner beauty is the kind that never fades.
It is upon the viewer how he chooses to perceive the world in and around him.

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