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Note: After one and a half month at the time of the writing of the article below, Michael passed away. He is no longer with us, but his story remains an inspiration.

Last year Michael seems to be doing fine despite of being bedridden because he can still keep his head up and talk to us when lying on his stomach. Watch below or click to watch Michael’s story.



This year, he seems different.

Me and my cousins went to the market to get some food and grocery items for Lola(grandmother) and the children. Its about 5 in the afternoon and since its a surprise visit, we didn’t find her at home. We were a little scared to walk in her house for fear of being hurt by Lola’s son who is standing opposite what seemed to be less than half a meter dark passageway to their house. My cousin had experiences of being chased by him before so she warned me to talk to someone first before going inside. The facade which could be seen in the movie is no longer their house so a passageway on the side has to be the only option to enter their house.

I went to the barangay hall and asked where Lola is. We had a small chat and I was not so pleased with what I heard. It seems that Lola is not performing well in the barangay hall as a helper because she runs around town, probably trying to make extra money for the kids and this could mean losing her work.

I asked what can the municipality do for the family? The women told me that they were given a lot of help already by the municipality. ie some cash, etc. I appreciate it, but what they don’t understand is that a small allowance from the government is not enough for Michael’s disease, and her son’s mental illness. Both needs long term rehabilitation with the guidance of medical experts in physical therapy and psychology or much better to be admitted in a full-time natural alternative healing center, if there is one. I’m wondering why until now, Michael is not being transferred to a proper institution. I have been writing to so many NGO’s and media. Only one responded very kindly and wrote that he would love to accommodate him.  Unfortunately, the buildings which are supposed to house the children are still not constructed and the manager told me to wait until all is well. The location too is so far away from Gumaca.

Anyway, one of the people in the barangay helped me find Lola. Now, I feel confident entering their home without the possibility of being hurt or chased by his son. I might be physically unhurt, but what I saw the next moment hurt me emotionally. The alley is so small and so dark. We have to be careful not to trip or bury our toes in the muddy ground. When I entered the house, all I see is darkness. When I visited them before, there is still light so I assumed that Lola is still finding the light switch. But this time, she is finding a candle to light the house because their electricity was cut a long time ago. The air is so humid, hot and suffocating as though being inside an oven. For us, it is alright to bear this experience for a few minutes because we know that we will be outside soon and will go to our comfortable home. But for Lola and the children, it is a minute by minute, 24-7, 365 day situation. There is no break. It seems like hell on earth!

And as if its not enough to sadden me, when I entered their bedroom/living room, I could not see where Michael is even though there is a little light coming from the window. Lola found a candle and I regretted not bringing boxes of candles that I use for aromatherapy.

Michael_sickI saw Michael lying down on his stomach, barely moving. He keeps on moaning. I know this sound. I too, moan when I am so sick that I cannot even move or stand. I felt my heart being crushed into pieces. He is not just some kid who get sick from time to time. It seemed to be his entire life! and all he could do is moan. He cannot even lift his head to look at me. When lola brought the candle near him, I saw his whole face covered with perspiration. I tried to talk to him but the only response I get is once again, moaning. To speak, seems too much of a burden for him.

Lola told me that sometimes Michael would say that “lola, I cannot go on living anymore. I might not make it”

It felt strange and I have a really bad feeling about this. From what I can sense, I’m afraid that he could not stay with us longer. His body is already deteriorating. He needs a full-time, non-stop medical help and complete nourishment.

I felt anger and I am sorry for reacting this way. Suddenly, scenes of glamorous, intricate decorations and costumes in public events, beauty contests and fiestas flash in my mind. How come we can afford to spend extravagantly while this kid is left in the dark, sick, moaning, and barely moving almost 24 hours a day? god knows how many Michaels are out there needing the community’s love and affection. How come, we spend so much on glittering objects instead of saving someone’s life? How come we seek the glitters outside first and foremost, instead of inside? Pardon me if I question like this. I know that we are all just victims of a catastrophe that happened eons ago which resulted in “separation” rather than love and oneness which is our true space. Technically, its not human’s fault. But let’s not forget the real us and we can make this world a better place for all, not just a few.

I am writing to give a voice to Michael’s condition. Beauty in Darkness is not asking for monetary donation because we are only messengers. We are asking for unity and awakening.

Please help Michael and his family connect with the proper institutions and organization, spiritual healers and also write to the Mayor of Gumaca. He and his administrative staff seemed good leaders and I believe they have the kindness and power to help Michael and his family except that they are too busy and that is why we need to get their attention. People can give food, and some cash but it won’t solve the root of the problem. Michael needs to undergo a proper, and careful rehabilitation as well as his uncle who is mentally ill. When Michael becomes normal again, he can continue with his high school education and one day help his family. I have already given the municipality a DVD copy of the movie Beauty in Darkness and they proposed that the movie will be aired in our local television. I have followed up from time to time since then.

The following will change depending on the present incumbent officials.

Gumaca Municipality Administrator’s facebook

Mayor of Gumaca’s facebook

If you are a spiritual healer, please send healing energy to him. Prayers are also needed.

If you are a spiritual therapist, you can assist Michael trace the root of this problem in his present life and hopefully he can heal his own karmic ties from the past lives.

If you would like to visit and talk to him personally, we can give you the telephone and address of the barangay hall where Lola works.

Thank you.

I hope we save Michael’s condition before its too late.

Note: After one and a half month at the time of the writing of the article above, Michael passed away. He is no longer with us, but his story remains an inspiration.



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