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Beauty in Darkness
Please be aware that we do not ask for monetary donation.

But you can get yourself involved in many ways. Your collective participation will bring enormous help in our attempt to heal the world. Every vision start with an idea, but here, we convert those into actions.
Together, we can recreate the beautiful world that we all deserve, If we choose to.
Here is a list of choices that you can do, wherever you are in the world.

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This may or may not apply to everyone because each individual is different.
Love yourself first. Pamper yourself in your own way.Take time to list down all the beautiful qualities you think you   have. Do you think you are kind? compassionate? strong, smart,      dependable, creative, passionate and so on? Remember how these affected your life and others in a positive way.Did that make you feel good? Come to think of it, you are a walking, talking beacon of light. Perhaps you just have forgotten that you are. Always remember your true beauty. Exercise this thought   everyday until you completely remember 100% how adorable and  beautiful you are just like when you were a baby.
The more light you shine, the more positive your own circle become - self, family, relatioship, friends, workplace, community, and so on. It is like a domino effect.
Everything around us is a reflection of ourself. What you see in others, will always be the component of yourself or Vice Versa.
Some people find it hard to see the good side. If you are one of them, its not your fault. It may just be an experience from the past that caused you to see it. It isn't you.
Remember, when you were born, you are beautiful and whole. Just bring back the good thoughts, exercise it and before you know it, you are a different person. A beautiful one.
Just imagine how enormous impact it would be for the whole world, if we all remember our true beauty, shining on the dark corners of the world.
Not easy, but we can, if we choose to.
If you like to do this, or are already doing this. Please send me a message. I'm excited to hear about it.
SELF First
Our family, friends, co-workers, employers, even our enemies will always be a part of ourself. Can you list down all the beautiful qualities that these people have?
I bet they have the same qualities that you posses.
Practice seeing the beautiful side in others. Even if they hurt you. For sure there are lessons learned and its something we should be thankful for. That's something you cannot buy from the supermarket, and they gave it to you for free.
If you keep seeing the not so nice side, remember everything is a reflection of ourself. Now, that's a great opportunity for anyone to examine and heal that part of themselves and become beautiful again.
I'll be so thrilled to hear about it.
Your Community
Wherever you are in the world, there will always be people who are living in the dark. And more often than not, we are not aware of their terrible situation.
Do you have time? Do you feel like exercising your compassion?
You may do the following:
   *Talk to the leaders in your community, and join their existing outreach/volunteer programs. Take care of the sick, old, and orphans, etc. Just be prepared for sometimes, it can be a life changing experience.
    * or start a mini-project such as recycling, drive-clean,  tree-planting, painting walls, medical mission, teaching children and so on. Eventhough you won't do this all the time, these moments will always be one of your most "precious" times.
     *Just by being there, listening, making them feel their voices are heard is already a big help. Please know that these beautiful beings may have experienced abuse, and deprivation.
     *If you have other great ideas, please email me so I will add it in this section.
And if its okay, please send me a picture or a video of those wonderful moments of you being the light in their hour of darkness, and sometimes its vice versa. :)
Please tell me about it. 
I want to hear your story! :)
Visit Gumaca / Meet the Cast
If you are in Gumaca, or want to visit Gumaca, you can communicate with the Gumaca Municipal Government about their existing outreach/immersion programs and the things that you want to contribute to the community as a whole wether by just visiting the place, meeting the cast or merging your programs with the existing ones.
Please contact the Municipal Adminsitrator, Mr. Elmo Caralian at  +63 42 3176335, or go to their Facebook Page
Let me know about your experiece.
Social Media
Please know that the movie, the website and the beautiful updates are being produced using my spare time, energy and own pocket as a hobby.
Simply by sharing this website and its beautiful vision, via social media, you are not only helping maintain this project, but  you are also giving the Socially Invisible a Voice to be heard around the world. The people in this movie are representatives of all the people living in the dark.
And by sharing, you are helping us remember the true beauty of our spirit.

Please feel free to share it with your friends.
If you run a website, you may put a banner of Beauty in Darkness Movie. Email us.
Thank you so much.
Love, Peace, Prosperity, Blessings & Hapiness to all beautiful people on Earth - Aileen Collo Amparo
Future Projects
You can help us connect with the people or organization who are aligned with the vision of creating a beautiful reality.

We have some small projects that will be implemented in the future, given that connections and resources are provided.

* Teach parents and children in Gumaca how to grow their own food, the organic way. This way hunger will be minimized. There is no excuse to be hungry, if people become aware of the skills and techniques to survive.
We would need educator's time and effort to do this, out of the goodness of their hearts.

* Recycle everything, in every household to design and turn them into useable materials.
We would need artists, inventors & engineers to innovate such crafts.

* Talk to school principals, get them to ask the students to detach the remaining blank sheets in their old notebook by the end of the schoolyear and bind them into new sets of notebook.which then can be given to the children who cannot afford to buy notebooks.

* Most important of all, open the mind to a higher consciousness, to help people think out of the box so that when we start to shed off the limiting beliefs that bind us, and start seeing the beautiful nature of our being, we will become powerful co-creators. We can achieve anything even if it seems impossible. We can even achieve paradise on earth, if we decided to.
We would need speakers, motivators time and effort to do this, out of the goodness of their heart.

* More visions to be posted here. If you have great ideas, please email us and we will add them here.

We will be glad to connect with you.
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