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I have listened to the online teleseminar called Woman Energy vs Mother Energy where Crystal Andrus discussed the difference between the two. I highly recommend this for women to listen to. You will receive amazing information that we are not aware of but was there all along. To know when or where or how to balance these energy in different situation in our life...
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Are you working on a presentation or a video? Most likely you will need a soundtrack to go with it. But of course, we don’t want to use copyrighted materials which most people still do. Most likely, if you uploaded the videos in youtube or any social video platform using materials that violate the copyright laws, they will be deleted or muted in.......
Royalty Free Music for your Videos
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Even if we make mistakes, even if we fail to become the good person ‘per se’, every second is an opportunity to recreate the person that we are.
There is always a chance to become better.
This print design is a reminder that we can do better no matter what.
We are what we wear....
Free Beauty in Darkness Shirt Print
In this 21-Day Sustain Success Course you will learn:
     Why you’ve fallen off track in the past and how to prevent it from happening again.
     How to uncover the flaws in your plan and to rebuild a long-lasting successful future....
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free 21 days life coaching
Free 21 Day Create & Sustain Success Course - free mp3
Does any of this sound familiar:
•Do you often confuse lust with love?
•Are you afraid to trust anyone in a relationship?
•Do you have a tendency to leave one relationship for another?
•Do you mistake intensity for intimacy (drama-driven relationships)?
sherry gaba
Free Mp3 Download "Are you a Love Addict?" - free mp3
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Have you ever worried that it’s all downhill after menopause - that your body, hormones, energy, and sex drive will dwindle and die? Well, think again!! Because visionary pioneer and the world’s leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness.....
The wisdom of Menopause - free mp3
christine northrup
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Regena Thomashauer - better known as Mama Gena is a revolution: an icon, teacher, author, mother and one of a handful of pioneers on the planet researching the nature of pleasure and dedicating her life to the discipline of pleasure and fun.
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Mamma Gena - 2012 Woman of the Year - Free mp3
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Thanks to Chris for letting me share his freebies with you. His music means a lot because of the healing and spiritual message within each song. I have become very careful in the recent years about which music I listen to as it will penetrate in one’s consciousness
Christopher V Comstock Music
christopher comstock
mama gena woman of the year
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“A New World is Has Arrived” - What does this mean for you and your life?

There has been so much talk about “the new world” or the great shift away from the world as we know it.

What does this really mean?
“A New World is Has Arrived”- free mp3