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Angelic Humans in Disguise
For such a long time, I have been extremely pessimistic. Worries and fear specially the financial and security concern is what drive my life around, my thoughts always project into the future, forgetting how to live by what the NOW presents.
     Iíve always thought that the measure of success will only be defined if ...
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The Mayans and the Stranger in the Bus
Letís just say that I am a lover of spirituality. I take classes and meditation a lot. I listen to as much as many audio books, documentaries and interviews that I have access to. Maybe I would have survived without air, but not a day without connecting to spirituality in any form or medium. Alright, letís say Iím obsessed.
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It was a weekend when my mentor turned best friend decided to take me to a place called ďghost townĒ to tickle my enthusiasm for photography. Ghost town didnít have ghosts in it but primitive abandoned houses where no one dwells anymore. Modern people now lived in modern buildings with advanced.....
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Here, you can watch me and my friends do the Firewalk. I do not encourage anyone to do the same. The point is, we donít have to walk on fire but like walking on fire demonstrated by the people who did, it proves that people are capable of doing things even though it seemed impossible.....
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photo by Ricci C.
Aileen's Blog
Watch me Walk on Fire
A year ago, I found these children happily & innocently playing in the street even if they live in a slum. I was so delighted by the action of their little energetic bodies & smiles and laughter that are as fresh as the breeze in the sea, that I randomly captured them using my small camcorder for no apparent purpose....
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Story Behind the Beauty in Darkness Poster
Last couple of years, while filming beauty in darkness, I decided to celebrate my birthday with the people who are living and making a living out of garbage. The idea is not going to save the planet but maybe its a great birthday present for myself too to have my birthday as an instrument of nourishment and happiness for others at least for one day...
Beautiful Birthday Gift
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Last year Michael seems to be doing fine despite of being bedridden because he can still keep his head up and talk to us when lying on his stomach.This year, he seems different.
A shocking visit