21 Beautiful Days


For the next 21 days, my partner who is a best-selling author and Founder of the SWAT institute, Crystal Andrus will connect with you Everyday.

Click poster below or to CLICK HERE to register and receive the 21 days FREE coaching program.

In this 21-Day Sustain Success Course you will learn:

  • Why you’ve fallen off track in the past and how to prevent it from happening again.
  • How to uncover the flaws in your plan and to rebuild a long-lasting successful future.
  • To speak your mind with confidence, grace, dignity, and influence—and to feel heard.
  • To recognize your own negative self-sabotaging personality traits and how to curb them.
  • To create synaptic pathways in your brain that will make sticking to any diet, workout, or budget easy.
  • The secret of longevity.
  • To develop staying-power for when the going gets tough.
  • To invest in what matters.
  • How to win them over every time.
  •  When to surrender and when to fight.
  • To develop magnetism that will capture anyone’s attention.

Because Beauty in Darkness is a Featured Partner of SWAT institute. You may receive this beautiful gift for free. Share this with the beautiful women in your life.

Please EMAIL us your experience with the free 21 days coaching program, or post your comment below. We’ll be glad to hear about it 🙂

Below are books written by Crstyal Andrus books.

Beauty in Darkness is a proud partner of the SWAT institute.

Want to become a partner or a SWAT Institute Certified Life Coach? Live the life you were meant to live.  Click Here




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Aileen Collo Amparo was born in the Philippines. Being different, her teenage years was not easy leading her to question life. As she discovers the answers, she works out her internal dilemma of the mind, body and soul, a continuous process. Currently working as an architect, she spends her free time living her passion for spirituality, healthy diet, photography, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, humanity, filmmaking and others. http://www.aileencolloamparo.com
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