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Beauty in Darkness
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We live in a reality where it is difficult for many people.
The external environment is something many of us cannot control,
At least at this time of our evolution.
Many of us were told that we are not good enough, not having the
talent, money and resources.
We are called ugly, fat, poor, ignorant and many other adjectives
that does not define who we really are.

The standards are just the making of our minds
that eventually control our lives
And this belief system of being small, separate and of lack
created poverty, war, famine, oppression, inequality,
discrimination and so on.
It is healthy to acknowledge the painful truth of reality
But it is not doing us any favor if we dwell on negativity for too long.
We have a choice to manage how we perceive things.

As long as we fear or be bound by negative perception,
we are empowering that which turns us down,
that which disconnects us from our spirit,
that which leads us to accumulatively create our reality

Darkness is essential to our growth.
But it is also through it that we cultivate our beauty.
It takes a lot of character and wisdom to be at peace
with the presence of negativity,
while everyone else strive for only good.
To transcend beyond duality
must have been the greatest challenge for us .
In the darkest moments, please let us not forget
that we have the beauty within us.
Compassion, Love, Strength, Hope, Faith, Trust,
and the list never end.

Remember them, they are in us.
The lives of the people in this movie reminds us
that the beautiful qualities are present even in darkness.

We can rise from the darkness we are in.
We can recreate a whole new world
knowing our light and strenght is there
to never shrink our experiences into fear
but expand ourselves with love, care, peace, harmony.
Thus, beautifying our reality.

It is in our hands to live the life that we deserve.
One that also fulfills our hopes and dreams to the fullest.
One where everyone is considered beautiful no matter what.
Cheers everyone. Celebrate our true beauty.
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FULL MOVIE  (35 Minutes)
CHAPTER 1 - A Mountain of Compassion
CHAPTER 2 - Junks of Happiness
CHAPTER 3 - Unimpaired Strength
CHAPTER 4 - Young Hope
CHAPTER 5 - Life
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Beauty in Darkness
Crystal Andrus is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. From a tough beginning-her parent’s divorce at age 12, extended sexual abuse from a family friend, a stranger rape at 14, moving on her own at 15, alcoholism, anger, neglect and dysfunction was the family pattern, battling the....
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Julie Cox Julie Cox carved out an amazingly fruitful life after overcoming a plethora of obstacles which would have broken a lesser person.
In her new book, I Ordered My Future Yesterday, Julie recounts the trials and tribulations she’s faced,from being raped twice and left for dead,living in extreme poverty...
i ordered my future yesterday julie cox

Every where I turn, I would find people creating beauty out of darkness. This post is just one of them. But this time, its not about a person, but a thing. Who would have thought that the single-use plastic bags that we dump (most of them clogging the canal system in the city) can transform itself into something that it is not...

crochet plastic bags
Here, you can watch me and my friends do the Firewalk. I do not encourage anyone to do the same. The point is, we don’t have to walk on fire but like walking on fire demonstrated by the people who did, it proves that people are capable of doing things even though it seemed impossible.....
aileen walking on fire
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Are you working on a presentation or a video? Most likely you will need a soundtrack to go with it. But of course, we don’t want to use copyrighted materials which most people still do. Most likely, if you uploaded the videos in youtube or any social video platform using materials that violate the copyright laws, they will be deleted or muted in.......
Even if we make mistakes, even if we fail to become the good person ‘per se’, every second is an opportunity to recreate the person that we are.
There is always a chance to become better.
This print design is a reminder that we can do better no matter what.
We are what we wear....
A year ago, I found these children happily & innocently playing in the street even if they live in a slum. I was so delighted by the action of their little energetic bodies & smiles and laughter that are as fresh as the breeze in the sea, that I randomly captured them using my small camcorder for no apparent purpose....

We all walk in the dark. And each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light - Earl Nightingale

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One year ago I met Marie O’ Riordan during an event abroad. She was one of the speakers whose message I resonated with the most. I am honored to feature her life story here as she had gone through difficult situations in life but was able to conquer all that prevented her from succeeding because she knew....
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Last year Michael seems to be doing fine despite of being bedridden because he can still keep his head up and talk to us when lying on his stomach.This year, he seems different.
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